Saturday, September 2

firefox 2 beta 2

I got nothing to do today, and there is a long weekend ahead. I had thinking of trying Firefox 2.0 beta 2 since it was released Thursday. (Also, I wanted to write a blog with lot of colorful pictures for a long time ). Well, at first I accidentally download the German version (I followed the link from a blog. Even though the blog was written in English, it lead me to the German version.). Even though the installer spoke German, I went ahead and installed assuming that the problem might a locale setting or something. Then, I figured out that there are separate versions for each language.(Why ? ) Anyways, I then downloaded the English version and fired up the installer. The installation went well and, when it tried to import the extensions from the existing installation of version 1.5, most of the extensions were not compatible.

Extensions not Working

Yes, I was warned about incompatibility, while I downloading. So, no complaints here. But there is a really nice option for the rest of the working extensions (now called Add-ons). Add-ons, now, can be disabled with a click. Hooray!! Long live the add-on Gods!!!

Disable Extensions

The basic UI looks the same. Some cool tab features have been added directly into the browser. A new option for tab has been introduced, which has basic feature of any tab++ extensions out there.

Options for Tab

An easier way to get to the list of all tabs is something, I have always wanted with in a browser.(I mean, a browser with tabs function)

Tabs List
And the one that impressed me most is the feeds options. Now you can redirect any RSS/RDF/Atom links to your favorite feed reader directly from the browser. You just have to do this...

Options for Feed

A special mention - Built in "Restore Session after Crash".

Crash Restore

But I don't know why the QuickTime plug-in still crashes on me. I am still not able to see the new apple ads.(It does to me even in Firefox 1.5, and IE 6.0. Bad Computer! ) Also, the bookmark explorer crashes, when I try to change the properties.

On the whole, Firefox 2.0 looks good with lots of nifty features. But I see that the features of popular extensions are slowly creeping inside the browser. I hope, it doesn't bloat Firefox.

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