Tuesday, August 30


I like John Grisham's writings. He has this very distinct style of writing, its quite powerful. But I never wanted to read his book "The Devil's Advocate" - may be because of the subject, which seem so super-natural and religious, uh actually, Christian.

But I did watch that movie yesterday. Al Pacino is perfect in doing the devil in the movie!!! My favorite quote from the movie is, when the devil says...

Vanity is one of my favorite sins.

By the way, I really didn't know the meaning of Vanity, until I looked it up in dictionary. 'Vanity' means excessive pride in oneself and/or one's accomplishments.

The movie has a really interesting theme - the devil, trying to establish his foothold in the society, using the law. The Law as the back door for the devil!!! Its an interesting attempt, and I think, it worked OK for the movie.

Thursday, August 25

idiot and maniac

This is a quote from George Carlin.

While driving in a car, Ever notice that anyone going slower than you is an idiot, but anyone going faster is a maniac ?

Hmmm, How true is that ? How our thoughts are so centered on ourselves ? It always, something with respect to "me"...