Thursday, August 14


A few thoughts, I had written down from time to time. I have intentionally left out the context.

  • Just when you think you have a pretty good understanding of how things are, you suddenly realize (or made to realize) how fragile things are.
  • Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". This quotation can be improved by appending "in bed"/"except in bed", as the case may be. (Derived from this comic.)
  • Revolutions are so natural. Proof: World sucks! Q.E.D.
  • We are inherently stupid. That is why it takes a lot of effort to be/appear smart.
  • But again, being smart makes you unhappy(or restless) most of the time.
  • All subjects, except sex, are dull until somebody makes them interesting. (I wrote it down once. Recently I found that Paul McHenry Roberts wrote it long before I thought of it)
  • And that somebody could be you. (follows the last line)
  • Fall in love, at least once. Fall in love, at least to fail.
  • Because, as Chuck Klostermann once said, "Meaningful failure trumps meaningless achievement every time."
  • I am ready for a meaningful failure.