Thursday, August 3

just give me the news

Was every one thinking about this ? Last week, I was watching one of those 24 hour news channels "covering" the war in Middle-East. The back ground music, while showing the images of destruction, was something like the one for a techno dance party. Whats up with these news channels ? Do they hire a DJs for mixing this music ? What are they thinking ?

The exact same day, in The Daily Show by Jon Stewart had this to say about the "musical montage" of MSNBC about the war in Middle East. In case you haven't seen Cable TV in the US or heard about Jon Stewart, "The Daily Show" is a half-hour satirical news program produced by and run on the Comedy Central cable television network.. And their host Jon Stewart is know to be "the most trusted name in fake news". It is one of my favorite shows, where they rip apart and make us laugh at the absurdities in everyday news stories, and the media that brings the news. Now, back to Jon...

Apparently, the war in the middle-east is also taking place in the middle of a rave... What've they got ? "Tears for Fears" in the back room of MSNBC ?... I am telling you... What are they doing !?!?

Here the link to this Jon Stewart's video in You Tube

Seriously, What are they doing ? It has become OK for News channels to create unnecessary drama in News. When does this all start ? Why there should be drama in News ? For drama, I will watch TNT (a TV channel in US cable network know for its "drama"). It seems like an unwritten rule for news channels these days - "If ain't no drama, it ain't important".

I don't want sound like one of those oldies saying - "When I was kid, I used to milk 321 cows everyday for a living". But I should say this - News was not drama those days. My initial television watching days in India included an everyday news program -covering local, state, national, international, entertainment, sports and weather - all in just 20 minutes. It was just fine.

I learnt that the Berlin wall went down. I learnt that "Silence of the Lambs" won an academy award. I learnt that Steffi Graff took another Wimbledon. Every knowledge happened in that 1/3 of an hour. It was simple and straight forward. No analysis, No drama. And most importantly - No Noise! 20 minutes was just enough.

Now its on - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every moment of is made to seem important and dramatic. But now a days, I am not sure, if I know it right. And If i know it enough.

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