Wednesday, March 8

vagueness of a psychiatrist

I saw the movie Analyze This yesterday. The movie is about a New York mob boss (Robert De Niro) seeks the counsel of a psychiatrist (Billy Crystal).

In the final scenes, Billy Crystal would appear on behalf of De Niro, in a meeting of gangsters. Before going to the meeting, De Niro's right-hand man would give an advice to Billy Crystal to be vague. Billy Crystal replies 'I am a psychiatrist. I can't be nothing but vague'.

I have never been under a counsel of a psychiatrist, but I have read books written by psychiatrist. More often, I have felt the vagueness in their content. I mean, they seem to talk about something, but they wouldn't conclude on anything.

I think, the goal of a psychiatrist is to induce, what they call a break-through in a patient. This break-through is not a target, you can push people into or heal only with medicines... Its a kind of self-awareness.

I have to relate it with the puzzles in Zen Buddhism. These monks ponder over some puzzles , to reach the state of self-awareness. A sample puzzle would be - 'Hear the sound of one hand'. Yes, its vague.

I guess, it all comes down to something like - If you really want to know yourself, immerse yourself into vagueness... Hmmm, Very interestingly vague.

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