Sunday, September 4


I was really shocked to see the images of divesting caused by Hurricane Katrina. And the images from New Orleans are terrible!!! I really didn't know that the lake near New Orleans had broken its levees (concrete structures used to protect the lake/river from getting into the city), until after two days, when I discussed with my room mate. Very tragic!!!

In the light of this hurricane, Gas(or Petrol) prices here, in the US started to increase. The gas station (petrol bunk) around the corner of my street listed $3.30 this Friday (September 2, 2005). And some parts in the US, gas prices have increased to around $5-$6.

For the first time, in all duration of my being here in the US, I felt a sense of conservation among the people living in the US. And the president had to say this...

We ought to conserve more. And I would hope Americans conserve if given a choice. Secondly, we have done some things to help on the gas prices...

In India, in every corner of the street I would see signs "Save fuel". "Conserve electricity". The thoughts of conversation are so imbibed into my mind that I would find every normal usage of the American, a waste. And now in the moment of crisis, America, even you have to say this !!!

If you don't need it, don't buy it

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