Thursday, June 9

apple's stand.

Its a well-known fact that, Apple's products obsolete their OS and hardware, faster than Windows. That is very difficult for me - really difficult to keep up in pace with them... esp. their softwares.

For example, iTunes - it requires atleast Mac OS X 10.2.8, which makes anything less than 10.2.8 obsolete. But the same application can support Windows 2000, which, i guess, is older than OS X 10.2.8. So, Apple's applications, obsolete its OS faster than, it would do it for Windows.

This makes having an apple computer, an exclusive bunch of people, who should shell out more money on hardware... and do that very frequently. Oh! Please, I want a computer to organize my life, not to organize(or upgrade) the computer every month.

In short, you really have to be filthy rich to keep up in pace with apple's development... So, I give up. I am back to Windows.

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